Q&A session Shesaid.so february 26th

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On the 26th of February shesaid.so will host a Q&A session regarding mental health and the music industry. Shesaid.so is a global community of woman in the music industry, established in 2014 and based in London. Having about 10.000 members all over the world they created a diverse and international community that connects woman working in the music industry. The community organizes events on which they curate and speak on panels. This includes discussions that raise awareness about important industry matters such as diversity related issues or, in this case, mental health. The upcoming event ‘Are You Mental’ will be a Q&A session accompanied by mental health coach Esther van der Poel and nightlife lawyer Bjorn Schipper. If you want to inspire or get inspired come join us at Zoku Amsterdam from 7 pm until 11 pm. RSVP via the link in their Instagram bio.