The Nightlife Clerks @ Mary Go Wild

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NightLife Clerks

Every first friday of the month, The Nightlife Clerks will host their own radio programme in collaboration with Mary Go Wild focussing on nightlife professionals and the business side of electronic music. Presented by nightlife lawyer Bjorn Schipper. Starting from 6pm till 8pm on Friday March 6, 2020, The Drag Agency will take over the show. Together with side-kick Esther van der Poel and main guest Danielle Jiskoot accompanied by queens Hoax LeBeau and Nancy Goreng, Bjorn Schipper will have a talk about the first ever drag agency in the Netherlands. In response to the growing popularity of drag artists Danielle Jiskoot and Giovanni Vaccari established ‘The Drag Agency’. They work together with leading drag artists for marketing campaigns, performances, private events and media appearances. With the set-up of this agency, Jiskoot wants to point out the professionality of the drag performance. Drag queens are a form of art and need to be seen as such.